17 May 2010

cold dark night

I always feel my blog is dis-jointed in some way, like it's a light between the crack of a door you wonder what the Hell is going on in the other side of.

I think break dancing and acid rain should come back. I just saw "The Descent 2" online, pretty good follow up to the first movie if you're into girls kicking ass flicks. I just ate cold bacon/ranch pasta salad and a diet Docter Pepper...I just heard Russ get up to pee...shhhhh....

want a video? don't say I never gave you anything.



  1. Are you fucking kidding me?

    I think no one ever asks me what's in my purse because I don't sing the word Soooooooooo. Or pronounce animal - aminal - with a straight face.

    Also, she reminds me of the South Park episode where they show a 40 year old woman sitting alone at a table while the guy with the weird voice says She was never interesting. She was just hoooooot. (I have taken serious liberties with the quote)

    Oh and my son sings IN THE GHETTOOOOO with a perfect South Park accent since he's never heard the real song

    That was a really informative video. My day is complete

  2. I've watched a few of these and the common theme is "Hello Kitty" paraphernalia (I say it like it's dope), I'm mesmorized, but it takes very little to do that. If I had a son who did that I'd get him to do that on every shopping mall stage.

  3. All I've got in my purse is a wallet so obviously I'd have to do the video topless to get any hits. I searched and couldn't believe the number of videos related to this! Insanity! I've been missing out all this time.

  4. Omigod. I was overcome by a strange mixture of amusement,confusion, and the overwhelming urge to reach into the video and whack her over the head with her "coach" purse. People really post vids about what they keep in their bags???!!! Well, if that's what people like, I'll do one of my own. My bunches of crumpled receipts, empty pill trays, and 5 year old chapstick are pure entertainment heaven for the lonely masses.I'll hold onto all my train tickets and chocolate bar wrappers too, just for extra excitement.
    Speaking of hello kitty,I actually have a hello kitty mini heart-shaped tin in my handbag,with spare mood stabilisers in it. Serious!

  5. I haven't started my new job teaching college kids in a public school yet but I have a feeling I will see someone like her in my class in 3 months. Every class has one. How do I resist from slapping the crap out of her or making her cry?

  6. Tell her her mother is a secret drunk and give her F's.


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