19 April 2010

cow head soup

Russ's sacred cow head told me the origins of his Divinity (I took a class in short hand just so I could make sure I got everything down, it cost me $49.99 at the Learning Annex):

"My origins began when Squeaky Fromme (of Charles Manson fame) and the ghost of Christmas past worked together to hunt down the last living cow, Sitting Bull (pictured here) called upon the great Spirit Alyssa Milano (picture here) to send a guardian spirit to protect the last cow and thus myself, Sacred Bull, was willed into existence. Sacred Bull whisked away the last cow named "Della" to a small town called Porks in the state of Wishington where Della fell in live with a vampire, but was also hot for a werewolf named Jacod who "sexed her up" in all kinds of wolfman ways including anal (I interrupted cow head and told him that sounds strangely like the plot to the movie "Twilight: Eclipse," cow head said Twilight didn't have anal and the names are all different so how could it be the same?) at this point cow head insisted he have a "fluffer" to continue with the story and I told him to "forget it."


  1. sounds like David Lynch's next movie plot.
    who do we get to play cow head?

  2. Elsie the Cow or Johnathon Schaech.

  3. I just learned what a fluffer is
    Love the cow

  4. I applied to be a fluffer, but they said I was over qualified *rimshot* Speaking of rimming, I applied for that too.


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