24 April 2010

Dead and Buried

Russ and I got into a riff. Russ said we would come back to me as a ghost if he died before I did. I told him I didn't need his specter scaring the shit out of me in the middle of the night and doesn't he have better things to do in the afterlife? He said; "I don't believe you wouldn't want me to come back, wouldn't you still love me?" I told him I will always love him, I just don't want little espresso cups to move around by themselves or him calling out my name while I'm watching porn or "Ugly Americans." I told him I didn't want gypsy women coming up to me giving me personal passwords (Ishkabibbel or any variation of honey being on a bunny) only known to Russ and I and saying she has a message from him from the great beyond like what Houdini's wife experienced either, I don't need that kind of freaky dink (Russ insists Houdini's wife never got the confirmation from the afterlife she was seeking, I disagreed, you decide). I told him I would chase him around with a vacuum cleaner if he insisted in coming back and why wouldn't he want to go "into the light" like all the other people who croak? (this is the kind of in-depth debates we get into).

These are the shots that weren't somehow fucked up of when we went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery today.

RIP Porky.

Old screen actor Webb is suppose to have a haunted grave. People report seeing strange lights, hearing strange voices and the smell of Cologne around it, I took a pic of Virginia Rappe's grave, but like Virginia, it didn't do so hot when the party was over (It's also reported to be haunted with people hearing sobbing coming from under the ground).

This is me doing my living dead routine on a goose.

This is Russ doing a Balinese dance in the Thai section of the cemetery, You can only see his elbow because I can't take a picture (the Thai woman in the background was so disgusted with his gyrating stereotype, she threw delicious satay sauce in his face).


  1. I don't get why anybody would haunt a grave. Don't you either haunt the places that meant something to you in life, or else the place where you were brutally murdered? Ok, if you were brutally murdered in a cemetery, and then they buried you there, you might want to haunt your grave.

    Otherwise, haunting a grave is like...it would be like...some kind of perfect metaphor that I can't quite grasp.

  2. I don't think there are rules for where or what can be haunted. The Roosevelt Hotel up the street from the cemetary is suppose to have a haunted mirror people see Marilyn Monroe in. The Hollywood sign has motion detecters that are always going off where no human or animal can get in.

  3. it was nice of him to offer, i guess ;)

  4. We came to a serious agreement he wouldn't do it, but I know he will anyways, watching over me in silence.

  5. That's a nice cemetery! Must cost a fortune to rest/haunt there!

  6. I guess. I suck at taking pictures. The life-size black marble headstone of Joey Ramone playing the guitar is one pic that didn't turn out. What also didn't turn out was a church we went into and in the back (we were looking for a place to pee), behind these heavy drapes, is this creepy dark surreal looking Mausoleum.

  7. Loves have goofy tender arguments.

  8. I would love to eavesdrop on your arguments! they seem quite entertaining!
    I would love to haunt people after i die.But that's just the kind of person i am.
    "she threw delicious satay sauce in his face". hahahahaha! I love the way you describe things.
    Ah, it's good to be back here! Sorry I've been such a slacker with the commenting lately. I will be better now!


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