16 April 2010


We're going to Olvera street today at 4:00. We'll get handmade paper flowers, greasy tacos de asada, shit faced on margaritas, sliding on to Chinatown to get snockerd at Hop Louies and plastered at the gay bar on 4th in the fashion district.


  1. Like my Soundstypical Monday and yet here you are enjoying it on a Friday??? Blasphemer.

  2. Wow, I want to watch the entire A Street of Memory. That's awesome. Thank you darling!

  3. We didn't even go to Olvera. We shared peppermint shnapps on the metro ride over to Union Station, had martinis at the Traxx bar and somehow ended up at Cliftons, Cliftons is like a retarded Disney Frontierland.


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