17 February 2010

Blog comments

you will never see on one of my postings (lifted from the 'comments section' in other blogs):

~I'll cut you a deal, my rain for your sunshine.

~oh my gosh this came at the perfect time, i just started making my eyebrows darker.

~You perfectly tanned shit bird.

~Ceps are easy to identify, as the underneath looks like a sponge, not fan-shape spores like in other mushrooms.

~your happiness is infectious.

~Yep, you guys def. beat us in the snow factor.

~I wonder the same thing! Whenever your in a club or something I imagine a plethora of floating pussies all with angel wings floating around brushing up gently against one another with a sweet smell in the aire like a sort of febreeze plug in just out of the box and women sitting up on the sink having pussy photoshoots in very akward positions. (the post was titled "Bitches in the Bathroom")

~Dora looks beautiful.


  1. "No Jackie! He's Asian! They can't have sex stupid!"

    This is one I found browsing a similar list and it made me think of you.

  2. CA,

    Jackie is a stupid.


    I didn't include:

    Sarah had a good time, but the other children scared her.

  3. Can anyone define the word Happiness? What is Happiness we do not know because every single person has its own meaning of happiness. Finding the ways to be happy in life is only a way that can make everyone happy in this world.

  4. Is the comment above me serious or is it spam?
    Do you sell viagra Mr. Happiness?

  5. I don't care. He's my ticket to abundant happiness and joy.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.