31 December 2009

Russ and I were 86'd out of the only lesbian bar in the San Fran Valley a few months ago, now we find out the owners are selling the bar and our banishment to leather pokey and latin hupa bars will soon come to an end. We'll be in smell filled room of estrogen, Prell shampoo, and SHE WOOD perfume by Dsquared2 in no time.


  1. What'd you do?

    I love lesbian bars. Except for the straight guys who always come over and talk about threesomes.

    Happy new year to you!

  2. That is one COOL picture.
    Hmm, yes what DID you do? :D
    May you be in a femme scented bar asap.

  3. I like how you both think I'M the one who did something lol, Russ got into it with one of the bar owners over the firing of a bartender friend of ours, It's the only gay bar in the valley that has a jukebox, otherwise we wouldn't care. I'm sure weren't missed with our constant play of "I Need a Man" just to see the lesbians lose it.

  4. Ah....sorry for assuming you did something crazy :D
    Playing "I need a man" in a lesbian bar, LOL.
    Hmmm, maybe you and Russ could disguise yourselves as lesbian jukebox technicians, and steal it?

  5. We joke that while we're there our names are "Turk" and Russ is "Rayleene."


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