13 October 2009

sex on a stick

It's raining here so so much for our leaving here for a few days. Our plans our canceled, one of my followers is ending her blog, another just broke up with his girl and Russ and I argued last night, now all someone needs to do is run over my dead dog again.

This keychain camera is so cheap, it's screwy. Everything is either out of focus or it looks like it takes pictures of the spirit world, case in point:

Who knew there was sourdough in the afterlife? Expect most of my photos to be a little off, it looks like I have the DT's, and don't be scared if you see your dead aunt Mabela.


  1. I think everyone is fighting these days. The BF and I had an argument about Feminist theory and Capitalism yesterday. I don't remember why. I wish I could have sourdough, spiritual or otherwise.

  2. Wow, feminist theory and capitalism, we argued about doing the dishes.

    In God's good time, sometimes he gives us crumbs to barely keep us alive, other times we have a bountiful of loaves, rye, sourdough, and pumpernickel. I always wondered about people who's spiritual walk with Jesus is some kind of nonstop hoedown when all the Apostles and all the Godly people we know of, who can be worthy of being Godly people, had a shit of a time.

    Bet you didn't expect to hear that from a post called "sex on a stick?"

  3. She misses you too dear.

    She also said something about pushing her down some stairs, messages from the spirit world are very hit or miss.


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