09 October 2009

Franc Friday

Where are all the lesbians?? I was expecting to come on my blog this afternoon and it to be lesbian central. I need to set more traps, the kind of traps that you step in and a branch pulls you up into a tree, I'll make a trail of hemp belts instead of bread crumbs and lure them in, then I can put them in my old ant farm container and feed them trail mix and Fanta strawberry soda (I read that's what they eat).

I bought a cheap digital camera for my keychain so expect alot more pics of half eaten food at restaurants and the back of guy's heads while waiting in line, maybe some crotch shots of me.

One of my favorite film makers is homo Gregg Araki and my favorite movie of his is "Nowhere." Watch these Friday clips and have a cold weekend.

I'm taking next week off so miss me lots.


  1. yay for lesbians! and double yay for cheap cameras. :)

    i hope you have a fabulous time wherever you are off to. lucky you. i am housesitting in the hood this weekend, and i plan to bring my mace, my billy club, and my 40 ouncers so that i blend in a bit.

  2. Doesn't take much to make you happy does it? ; )

    Don't forget to lock up your fed sled anchors at nite a'ight?
    ...drollchola with her bad ass self.

  3. Have a nice week whatever you're up to!
    And thanks for yr comment re: my very emo sounding whine...hehe, no I wasn't drunk, I just get like that sometimes :D well..a LOT.
    I think I need some more effective medication, and a few lessons in self confidence, then I'll back into everything.
    I'll miss ya! I'll probably take a few sneaky peeks at yr blog from time to time though ;)
    Bye for now my friend.

  4. It's too bad I found your blog at the tip of it's end. I understand your decision, it's a decision i'll make one day.

    Your one of a kind simi, I'll miss you. I don't think the followers of my blog know how they leave a piece of themselves with me when I read them with the words they write, they never completely leave. It was an honor knowing you simi.


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