28 May 2009

my grammar

I hate people who are anal about bad spelling, grammar and punctuation. Of all the real little annoyances in life, these people pace their dirty floors worrying if I use : instead of ; The English language doesn't need liberation like one blogger said, an 8 year old named Qu working in a Chinese sweatshop does. I can imagine all the other little shit they fret and sweat and lose sleep over, who knew there were so many born proof-readers? I'll make sure to use 3 s's in calling you ASS so you'll lose sleep tonight.


  1. Hmm same here, i never bother checking my spelling and am even worse with grammer. Nevermind I'm sure those anal asss out there probably don't read my blog anyways =)

  2. I'm pretty weird about it - I used to correct people when they would say something so obviously atrocious that I couldn't help myself - but you're right, there are much more important things. I can honestly say, though, that I've never been that asshole who corrects other people's grammar on forums or blogs.

  3. :)

    I love your blogs.



  4. Now you got me started on a big pet peeve of mine.

    I think that there is a huge difference between true ignorance of language structure and use, and simple, common, and everyday grammatical errors.

    I am embarrassed for people who slam others for what are obviously just typos. It seems to correspond to the vulgar and base need for superiority by publicly pointing out someone else's mistakes. If an individual's self-esteem is that low then they certainly have bigger problems than finding too many "l's" in "parallel".

    Besides, creative writing must amend syntax for effect—isn't that kind of a big part of what poetry is?


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