28 May 2009

Carnicerias and my Tias

During Summers I used to get out of the San Fernando Valley and stay with my cousins in East LA. One thing that was a constant on whatever side of the hill I was on were the Carnicerias (Mexican meat markets), a world unlike any other. My tias (aunts) used to take me to one in El Sereno as a little boy. It had sawdust on the floor, big jars with monster pickles the size of my kid forearm, pickled pigs feet, and stacked, skinned, goat heads on display in the glass case counter. I can't say I missed the goat heads, but I did miss the mural outside of bright colors showing a butcher doing what a butcher does on a cow.

Tony Mora has a taken pictures of what can either be called "art" or something that pops into your nightmares at night after seeing them that day. In honor of my tias, I'll say the former.


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  1. EGADS that photo is shockingly horrendous! and strangely enough i am drawn to it!

    well my dancing and drinking friend, i hope your weekend is just SUPERB. live it up. :)


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