22 April 2009

stupid boys on film

Guys waiting outside of girly clothing stores in malls (Victoria's Secret is a big one) while their girlfriends look inside are jokes. Instead of going inside and just being with your girlfriend, on top of helping her pick out what she will be wearing, something YOU will be forced to look at ON her, you rather stay outside sitting on benches looking retarded holding her purse with other dopes. If I had a girlfriend, you couldn't keep me out of those places. I'd be talking her into getting everything from bikini britches to crotchless jeans; "Get this baby, they show off your great areolas."


  1. haha yeah, that's very true.
    When I go out with some of my girl friends, I go with them and help them pick clothes which is WAAAAAAy much better than just stay outside looking like a lonely retard.

  2. If a guy won't go shopping with his girly, she should assume he's chugging cock behind her back and dump his down low ass.

    I wonder how many nasty comments I would get if I didn't moderate comments.


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