01 April 2009

Dem Dare Wacky Bloggers

I like to check out blogger profiles. If you limit what they wrote down in their "interest" section of their profiles, you get these examples:


Sex: Female

Age: 23

Interests include: Höstlöv, att äta saker med sked, kort hår, läppglans, väskor, klänningar, starka färger, marginaljusterad text, cardigans (OBS: klädesplagget, inte bandet, de är för tråkiga).



Sex: Male

Age: 30

Interests include: african violets, cockatiels, knitting, breeding cockatiels, candles, gardening, papermaking, marigolds, peaches, teddy bears, water colors, exorcisms.


Sex: Female

Age: Not Given

Interests include: nursing home, shooting, rifle, shotgun, pistol, insurance.

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