03 April 2009


My mother-in-law is a tornado of drama with a bunch of vanity mirrors attached. Ever since her husband (B-actor Adam Williams) kicked the bucket, she has been popping pills like peanut M&M's and sucking on vodka bottles like a frat house during rush. Adams biggest role was playing the bad guy in "North by Northwest." He did a bunch of TV, Bonanza, Perry Mason, I Spy, The Rifleman, even did two episodes of the "Twilight Zone" (The one about the camera that took pictures of the future and the girl hitch hiker who's picked up by a Sailor on the side of the road, Adam played the Sailor). Adam was a prick, distant to everyone but his wife, a fucker drunk, a know-it-all, a man who never suffered a fool, but with him, what you see is what you got, his word was gold, and if he let you in close enough, like he did me in the two years before his death, he could be a somewhat descent guy. When he died, Russ was suppose to go up and say a few words in his honor at the wake. Adam about a year before he died gave me his memoirs to read for an up coming book he planned to put out and he wanted to get my feedback, The night before the wake I went back and found the book I shelved and forgot all about when he first gave it to me, incorporating into Russ's eulogy the last few lines at the very end where basically he's saying goodbye to his readers with what a great life he had, how he ended up with the pretty girl at the end of the story and how he would not do a thing over again. Russ got to give Adam's last goodbye words that day, as if he were there saying it himself, I'm proud of that, and I know wherever you are Adam, you're proud of that too.

Adam as Woodward.

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