11 February 2009

The Girls of Summer

I think gay men see lesbians as like the sister, who even though she loves her brother, just doesn't LIKE him. Let's face it, gay men and women have little need for each other, we have incidental meetings, we never meet to shoot the shit.

Most Dyke women are woman centered, woman-centric, gay men are men who want sex with other men, It doesn't get more complex than that with us. I once asked a lesbian bartender if she think lesbians have more in common with straight men or gay men? She said the only thing they have in common with gay men is feeling like a minority, I was waiting for her to say more. It seems everyone is cool with everyone else as long as you like the squishiness of what is called the female. Straight men rule this existence and lesbianism will always be just dandy with them because in their mind, how can you NOT like the squishiness of a female and can they join in? The effeminacy (the trait of being dominated sexually whether true or not in real life) of a gay male is something both straight men and lesbians have no name or regard for, sissy powers of enchantment only works on straight women.

Through it's progression over time, the gay rights movement has taken gay men and gay women to very different places. Somewhere there was a fork in the road in our not-so-jolly gay journey and our lesbian tribe broke away from us to go on their own feminist high road. It happened somewhere in the 70's, they hitched their "Chickies Not Dickies" stickered Ford pickups and WOMYNS folk music festival decaled yellow Volkswagens and we haven't seen them since. We'll always be looking out the window though, and maybe, one day, they'll drop bye and remember. us.

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  1. But, but, my bff is a super gay man. Am I a dyke, lesbian, bi, straight, asexual? Does it matter? I still love him for bringing me an extra strength Advil when I have a headache and a glass of Kung Fu girl when I have a headache. I enjoy our chats about anal beads and what to do about the lack of recycling in my city which is a bit behind the times. It doesn't matter if he's gay, straight or otherwise, we've known each other for 15 odd years, been through the thick of things, laughed, and cried, and napped at the same time. I'd rather not be part of the movement announcing that gay men and women don't belong together. Let's belong to one another no matter our sex and sexuality. It's overdue!!!


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