23 January 2009


My profile doesn't say much about me (if you can glean anything about me from my love of clamato, you must be magic). So let me give you some personal bites. I know it's late, but who gives a wank:

*I am constantly being asked about my nationality. I find this rude and none of your business. The only people who should ask should be who I call a close friend and a close friend would never ask. This is the rundown; Mexican/Spanish (Mom), Scot/French (Dad). I look Italian/Greek/Mediterranean.
*I can fence (poorly).
*I'm 5'11
*I go running in the dead of night. Have since High School.

*I'll have your back in a bar fight if your a guy, and I'll hold back your hair while you throw up if your a girl.
*My partner looks the complete opposite of me, blond/blue All-American, smart.
*I was brought up by a single parent, have one sister, and a niece, I'm the only bastard.
*What I do for a living is none of your business. Though I can narrow it down by saying I don't work for the CIA, Circus du Soleil. or a rumor mill.
*I don't dance, so don't ask.
*No tattoos or piercing's and I have all the parts I was born with.
*Hate sharing food at restaurants. If you want to try my gnocchi, you should have ordered it.
*Russ and I don't have an open relationship (that I'm aware of).
*If you take the time to post a remark to something I write, I'm mannered enough to write back acknowledging it on the post or in a private mail. Your a bum if you don't do the same.
*HIV negative.
*I'm not Catholic.
*I have no embarrassing middle name like most men, because I have no middle name.
*Hate tomato sauce.
*I’m a Pisces (March 5th)
*Don’t believe in cosmic fate or luck.
*I have Spanish gangsters in my family on my grandma’s side.
*Always have face stubble, but still come off as clean-cut.
*I'm a friend your other friends hate, but still want to do.
*All the parents of boys I dated loved me.
*I have a small birthmark on each earlobe.
*I was being wry. not rude.

I'll try to post every weekday. See you Monday.

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