30 January 2009


I'm useless with a hangover. This was the lowdown from the last time.
I'm watching a Korean Drama in bed. I neither know what is going on or what is being said, but that didn't stop me from seeing "Cloverfield" or "Twilight." All of a sudden I want Tom Kha Gai soup and peanut sauce (you can't have enough backup peanut sauce). I call my favorite Thai restaurant and they tell me Tetso the Japanese delivery guy is sick. I know know he isn't sick, saying "fuckin Tetso" underneath my breath. I settle for mini egg rolls, a hand full of peanut M&M's and a luke warm 7-up because our ice cubes have this weird stuff that floats to the bottom of the glass. I start watching the "Fantastic Four 2" and fast forward to Chris Evans shirtless, I fall asleep with my dick in my hand hearing noises in the living room and think some robber is ripping us off. I wake up and drag myself to the living room, see everything in place, and think we now have ghosts. I love that show "Human Weapon" and watch an old episode I recorded about a year ago, still can't get over how freakin hot Jason Chambers is. I realize I made a day of sleeping, eating, and watching TV in just my tighty whities with the phone disconnected. I describe the day in one word "masturbatorial." Just for today I wasn't destroying Family Values, Purity, and Jesus because of my homosexuality (I'll have to pull extra duty on Thursday).
My baby comes home, asks if I'm all right and wants me to go with him to Bob's Big Boy for chili and a banana shake. I say "Are you kidding?! After the day I had?"

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  1. no actual comment ...only to say that I am giggling over this post.


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