29 December 2013

Beth Hunter

I was planning on closing my blog when Russ received his (partial/) inheritance and now it looks like it's going to take a few more moons for it to happen. I've been plugging my blog with man ass pics because I wasn't going to bother with something I was going to close soon.

Another issue about me blogging is my lack of followers. I feel like I'm doing a floor show at a dinner theatre in Atlantic City with only a spatter of coughing drunks in the audience like Molly Ringwald at one of her Torch Song shows.

What's also very strange is how, unlike normal blog traffic, people finding my blog has completely come to a stand still, it's like road block was put up on the road leading to my blog or blogger put me on an island in the middle of the south pacific to die alone while everyone else is on the mainland having a  blogger clam bake.

I know my blog is all over the place and the only common thread is the gay thang, but come on...

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