21 August 2012

“All the loves in the strip are unrequited; all the baseball games are lost; all the test scores are D-minuses; the Great Pumpkin never comes; and the football is always pulled away.”

- Charles M. Shultz


  1. Would I a negative Nancy if I gushed about how true this was?

  2. No. I see the glass as half empty, half empty with soot and ground razor blades with a few shots of piss to top it off.

    1. Did something bad happen? U ok?

  3. I was being sarcastic, but my life motto IS "Always expecting the fantastic, always getting the mundane." Now have a nice day and avoid getting hit by a tree.

  4. You DO know that even if you delete your comment here it still shows up on my email right? Why should I care about Samalia children eating thier own limbs when I have 5 pack abs instead of 6? It's called priorities, hello?!

  5. Where'd my comment go? I didn't delete nothing.


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