10 May 2012

Hibiscus and Rumi Missabu in "Pearls Over Shanghai." San Francisco, Chinatown 1970


  1. The person on the left reminds me of my high school crush. I loved him. He sat in front of me in english and he would come up with hilarious questions for me to ask to sound like I was so interested and intelligent and he would laugh and laugh but would never take me out and his friend wrote Dont worry, Vince will take you out eventually in my yearbook but he never did. Then I ran into him and his boyfriend a few years after high school. CRUSHED

  2. Count yourself lucky. You could have married the guy, had kids, and find out later he was living a double. I remember a gay author saying he went to a gay bath house and counted 22 wedding bands on the men there.

    History behind the pic:

  3. yes! That happened to an old coworker of mine!!
    I found him on FB, still beautiful

    will check this and the other link tomorrow

  4. When me and my friends in vegas got drunk and did drag no one filmed us ;(

    But then we didn't have such a spiffy name . . .

  5. Russ has me on his camera phone singing (I blame the early morning wine) "I've Written a Letter to Daddy" in front of an old Marque in downtown Lost Angeles, you can hear him laughing his ass off in the background. I'm singing in an ally that smells like pee with Mexican mothers watching on the sidewalk feeding their kids bananas and chilied mangos.


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