09 May 2012

Do Not Disturb

Google's header this time around is in honor of Howard Carter, the man who dug up King Tut. Most of what you find on the net disputes the supposed "Curse of King Tut."

Let's clarify a few things:

Claim: There was no curse.

Truth: Four magical "protection" bricks were found in the tomb at each cardinal points. Each brick had a section of writing from chapter 151 of the Book Of the Dead. One brick included a close semblance to the supposed curse made popular in the media: "Death Shall Come On Swift Wings To Him Who Disturbs The Peace Of The King." Another curse was also found on a statue of Anubis* ("Protector of the Dead") guarding the tomb saying; "It is I who hinder the sand from choking the secret chamber. I am for the protection of the deceased." Almost all Egyptian graves of importance have a curse according to Egyptian archaeologists (Pharaoh Thutmose I: "He shall have no heir," Pharaoh Khety: "He shall be cooked together with the condemned,").

Claim: Carnarvon's dog didn't howl and drop dead in England at exactly the same time Carnarvon died in Egypt .

Truth: The claim this happened comes from Carnarvon's own son who was watching the terrier on Carnarvon's return.

Claim: Carter did not die from the curse.

Truth: Carter was never the same after opening the tomb and suffered from a strange exhaustion that plagued him all his life (he died at 64). A friend of Carter, Professor James Henry Breasted, claimed Carter was; "not all there" and was often confused, weak, sick and suffered from deep depression.

Some deaths take longer than others and maybe Carter had the worst death of all.

*Howard Carter wrote in his diary about a "strange" incident on May 1926 where he saw jackals, similar looking to Anubis, for the first time in the desert.


  1. If my hours of history channel watching are right, wasnt there some mold that caused issues? Its weird to me that they dig up graves and justify because they are old. people are so superstitious though, someone dug up an indian body and people were freaking out and reburied but for egyptians its ok

  2. Interesting reading...


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