21 September 2011


Russ and I explored downtown L.A. It was more like a spookfest. We went to see the Alexandria Hotel and stayed at the skeezy Cecil Hotel that's called "The Suicide" by the old coots who have lived there forever because of all the people jumping out of windows."The Cecil" also has the distinction of housing not one, but 2 serial killers. one of them was Richard Ramirez and from our room on the 14th floor (where he lived), you overlooked the alley that Ramirez would Shanghai his victims in (they say you feel a sense of dread if you go into the alley at night, even from our window the alley looked foreboding with the orangeish street lights and the creepy building in front of it). The morning we went to Central Market and had pig skin tacos, fresh squeezed cucumber and fruit drinks and I tried a tejuino for the first time (I'll never be hungover like that to try it again). Overall it was a swell time had by all (I vaguely remember arguing with two old ladies about the State of Israel and and noshing on fried macaroni and cheese in the dark that was sitting next to my bed, I PRAY it was macaroni and cheese because that's what it tasted like).

Richard Ramirez art.


  1. Any time I stand in the alley underneath this blog I get a feeling of dread.

  2. It's all the freon you huff. I woke up at around 2 in the morning stumbling for bottled water and felt depressed, I mean REALLY depressed, like if I had to live in that room for any length of time I'd go out the window myself.

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  4. Why thank you Jignesh. Is the quote you are referring to "stayed at the skeezy Cecil Hotel that's called "The Suicide," or "I vaguely remember arguing with two old ladies about the State of Israel?" Maybe you can put these quotes on your website because I is all about the healing love and taking your hand in this journey called Life.


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