12 June 2011


Russ and I are playing "Shut The Box" (we're like a shirtless two man band) waiting for my goose feather comforter to dry in the dryer and we start talking about how he punched a French guy in the cheek in a Vons parking lot (I'm assuming he's French and not Canadian Quebec because I think the French are like an old vitamin E bottle, not good and smell of seaweed and hide) because Russ told him not to park in two parking spaces and the guy had to mouth off back. It got us talking about how people always find Russ personable (when he isn't punching people in the cheek) and I come off as standoffish. Some people get it though and I find those people tend to be more wiser than the average moe on the street. Russ says I'm hard to figure out, but once you do, It's like finding $100 you thought you lost while hammered. Russ on the other hand is like an open book and will draw you to himself just so you can be next to his warm glow that will make you feel like you just got a 10 minute tan and a "Thank You" after dinner mint.


  1. Vons parking lot fight!

  2. You haven't lived, until you fucked someone up.


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