16 March 2011


Listen, Your "Ask Me" feature is down so I couldn't ask you there (it's been down for awhile). I wanted to say, did YOU want anything specific I can send you that you can't get over there that would help you out personally?


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the offer. I don't need anything here, things are settling down and I think Osaka will be alright. But actually I don't think you can mail anything to Japan right now. Plus here and even Tokyo isn't really suffering (Tokyo's just scared of radiation, and I don't care what anybody says, they should be, I don't understand all these "everything's alright" people). It's the northeast. If you haven't, perhaps a donation to the red cross in Japan would help so much.

    and sorry about the radiation cloud possibly heading in your direction :(

  2. I'm writting my blog Last Will and Testament, stay tuned.

    *I'm bequeathing you "Snuguchan," my little guy under my tags who's always electrocuting himself. Please take care of him, he means the world to me. :"(

  3. Snuguchan is mine now!!! why does spellcheck change snuguchan to Enugu Han? What or who is that anyway?

  4. Enugu is where I found him.

    A witch Doctor sold him to me with a money tree and a papaya.


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