24 March 2011


I want a fleet of food truck roaming L.A. giving out my home-made Tamales.


Tang Tamale (in honor of our fallen Astronauts)
Tamale Ala San Francisco (tamales with Rice a Roni and amyl nitrite, a true San Francisco treat)
Inside Out Tamale (corn husk is inside tamale)
Hangover Tamale (instead of water, I steam them in Gatorade and crushed aspirin)
Tamale Tamale (so good they named it twice, has raisins and currants)
Transsexual Tamale (tamales that want to be churros)
Palestinian Tamale (they explode your cheeks out)
Tamale Upside Down Cake


  1. Hangover and transsexual tamales are my favorite.

    Oh, oh, oh! Disney witch tamale (loaded with fake meat and poison apple on the side)

  2. Accept no imitation. My tamales are 100% masa, unlike Sancha Gomez's flimsy tamales that crumble because she uses paint thinner...pinche Sancha and her flimsy tamales...

  3. Ha! That most be the reason why the DTs don't sale that well, it's all the fakery (yes, I just made up a word)


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