02 February 2011

Hangin' with the Boys

In the gay world of porn, One company takes the cream pie, Bel Ami. The boys of Bel Ami are what the Victoria Secrets models are for straight men, a cut above. The men involved with Bel Ami almost all come from east European bloc countries were the option is either suck dick on camera or wait in line for two days for lint rations. The majority genuinely look like they're into what they're doing without a hint of dis-comfort, whatever the sexual orientation, they sit down and enjoy the ride (sometimes literally). Most come from the Czech Republic, it's rumored from the same small town. The man who founded the company is a mysterious man named George Duroy who took advantage of the fall of the Soviet Union with it's goldmine of beautiful big-dicked men who otherwise would be sitting around eating smoked herring and watching "Давай поженимся!"

One documentary paints a different story behind the smiling faces sitting on each other's faces. That the men you see in the films are in these "sell your soul to the Devil" kind of contracts and are forced to have sex without condoms, spoon fed Viagra, and given penile injections of Caverject so they can perform with the same sex while their girlfriends wait at home thinking their boyfriend are playing ice hockey.

Porn was never for the well-centered and America has it's own porn horror stories with actors like Joey Stefano so who's to say. Sometimes it's easy to forget that behind the images that makes us hard, are real people who would fall the hardest when left to their own devices.

Killer and gay porn actor Harlow Cuadra.


  1. I just googled Bel Ami. Cutie pies!

    A lot of eastern bloc girls made it to Japan to live off their looks. I worked with tons of them. They scared me at first, and then I had a crash course in the ins and outs of that part of the world, and then I realized they were cold to me because they felt threatened by me (meanwhile I was threatened by them and their icy beautifulness). Then we became friends.

    Then it turned out I didn't really have a very realistic education in people of that region. I thought they were all icy, beautiful, cold but warm to their friends. And I thought they all had peroxide hair and too much makeup. Turns out a lot of Romanian girls aren't like that! Learned that from exchange students at my school.

  2. Girls from the Eastern bloc aren't known for their warmth, just like Latin girls aren't known for being slow to anger, true or not, it is what it is. I remember you posting the pics of some of the girls you worked with and they were knockouts, but you were always my favorite beauty ;)
    My favorite all-time female model is Czech Paulina Porizkova, stunning.

  3. I think their suffering is totally worth my pleasure.

  4. I don't really go in for the Bel Ami porn. I don't know why. I think there's kind of a thousand yard stare there, that doesn't exist in American 'amateur style' gay porn, where the models are really just doing porn to piss off their Dads.

  5. I think the stare is because they aren't gay, alot of times you see them stare at the camera looking like; "what do I do now? Dick really isn't my bag"


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