08 June 2010

Ben, oh Ben, you are so dreamy

I keep on telling my follower to send me naked pics of this follower of hers, but she doesn't listen to me worth shit.

We're going here tomorrow. I wonder if Ben will let me cover him in Dinah gravy?


  1. I love these types of AB posts best.
    I can't stand scallops, so reading this made me queasy, but also made me laugh.Laughter always saves the day.
    May YOUR day be filled with meat and two veg with gravy.Young hot meat and two veg , wink wink nudge nudge, say n' more, 'ow's ya father eh? eh? (sorry, i slipped into british cockney stereotype mode for a second just then)

  2. Everytime I try to do a Britisg accent, I sound like a cockney whore.

  3. You ARE a cockney whore and hopefully the answer to your last question is a resounding YES. I will pray for you. By which I mean I will masturbate to internet porn and think of anything but this particular topic.

  4. Not only do I sound like a cockney whore, but I sound like one from the turn of the century "Oy Govner, care for a meat pie lolly for 2 pence?"


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