04 May 2010




  1. Woah! That is so bizarre, because last night whilst crafting roses out of ribbon, I tried to make one out of polkadot ribbon, and i thought to myself, " imagine if there were REAL polkadot roses!" And now there are! COOL. I want a garden full of them. I wonder if this is just the beginning, and soon we will see stripey roses, and houndstooth patterned ones....then flowers that glow in the dark...and glittery ones? I'm probably getting ahead of myself there, but i would love to see it. I've actually always wanted to see a BLACK rose. It would make my inner gothic gardener very happy.

  2. hehe :) Actually something alcoholic right about now would be GREAT. being sober is shit after a crappy friday!!!Grr.
    Maybe i can sniff nailpolish remover instead.


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