31 January 2010

Something About The Guy

You know personal info about me because of my intro and the answers to the questions when I get blog awards, but you don't know that much about Russs other than bits and pieces. This is more about the power that is behind the me.

*The only blond out of 3 redhead siblings.

*San Diego native.

*Fell in love with me on the spot, didn't happen with me, one of the reasons he pursued me.

*Has a middle name.

*Met serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

*Cancer (June 25th).

*Is a "takes charge kinda guy" in every company that he steps foot in.

*Eats Jalapenos like he's from Jalisco and orders extra pickles and triple the cheese on his fast food.

*Is always seeing actress Rue McClanahan, it's a running joke with us.

*Alpha male, good fighter.

*Has a bedroom voice, girls like to hear him talk on the phone.

*Calls me "Honey On De Bunny," I call him "Ishkabibble."

*The saying about the Irish is dead wrong, he doesn't have a potato in his head.

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