23 November 2009

Purple Rain

Other recorded objects that fell out of the sky like rain:

Yellow Mice
Lumps of burning sulfur
Blue Silk
Seeds of ivy berries inside of hailstones
Black Eggs
Black flakes the size of tabletops
Olive-grey powder
Foul smelling substance with the consistency of butter
Blood and flesh (in four different parts of the world on different years)
Green Peaches
Living snakes
Fist-sized lumps of woolly substance
Oak tree leaves
Insects resembling spiders, caterpillars and huge ants
Walnut sized hailstones resembling human eyes

A turtle encased in ice fell in 1894
The airplane was invented in 1903


  1. Just so you guys know, I'm not bull shitting you with the list above. Like in August of 2001, Wichita, Kansas experienced an unexplained rain of corn husks.

  2. No I know it's true. And that would be something to see! (from inside)

  3. I once experienced the rainfall of men. But thats because i was under our trampoline when it broke.
    not as sexy as I would have imagined.

  4. Just like clown sex, huh? Not as fun as one might imagine :-D


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