02 November 2009


According to my statcounter, this is what keywords people typed in and somehow found my blog:

girlfriends eating boyfriends asshole

brothers and family are for a lack of better words assholes with or without lieing about being psychic

ray milland ate human flesh

girl swallows spoonful of cinnamon boyfriend films it

i shot burbank


  1. oh my god! i am leaving a comment and having a red seizure at the same time!!! what the hell is going on here!!!!

    i shot burbank. i would not mind shooting burbank. last time i went and saw a movie it was a fucking nightmare trying to find parking! gah.

  2. I'm trying new backgrounds for the next half hour, hold on.

  3. where can i get one of these new fangled "STAT" counter thingy's?

  4. yup.... the first search criteria shows you as the first choice on Google...


I eat your comments with jam and butter.