26 October 2009

Remember you will die

I posted my blog on a site that's doing a nationwide Halloween countdown, They not only refused to post my blog with a ton others blogs that are participating, but they also removed my comment that I wanted to participate. It's run by 3 guys and I started to snoop around to find out what the deal is, I see their blog location says from "Redneckville" and I'm thinking "oh oh," this is the state of mind with these fuckers are coming from. I checked out the other blogs participating in the countdown and they have graphic straight, non-Halloween. shit on it, so I know they aren't against a blog having graphic content on it, it's GAY content is what it looks like they have a problem with.

That's all right, my blog rules compared to most of those lame blogs taking part in the countdown with crooked Halloween cupcakes and knitted etsy pumpkin face mittens for Beth at her office party because the office is always cold.

I like to throw in these party-pooper kinds of posts because I want to show people just how inconvenient and irritating my life is on a continuing bases because of anti-gay shit people have within themselves.

Irritating like trying to read these words on this blog background.


  1. Why are people so god damn stupid?

    I ask this every day

    No one knows

    The background does make your post damn irritating to read but it just goes along with your post so it works


  2. It's the same kind of mentality that's against gay marriage while they're on their 3rd divorce.

  3. When you want you can, so I just highlighted your text and read it in all in blue lol. You know, I was dating a guy a few months back. Everything was great: he is good looking, funny, the sex was off the wall... One night we were discussing gay marriage. I was saying that I was pissed because a friend of mine who is in Marine Corps has to get out in order to marry his partner of 10 years. I think it blows because he is a great Marine.

    The guy I was dating said, "They need to stop bitching and take the civil union. Gay people can never marry like normal people."

    "What?!" I nearly screamed.

    "I don't see what their deal is." The idiot continued.

    The conversation ended shortly after that--I don't talk to stupid people for long--and the relationship and few days after because I refuse to mingle with narrow minded assholes--just nice ones ;)

    Moral of the story: you don't need to mingle with narrow-minded-good-for-nothing-idiots. Who needs them anyway?

  4. Their loss! You're blog is the Halloweeniest of them all.

    Maybe the background scared them? It's kind of like a gargoyle, protecting your blog against evil.

  5. He sounds like a dick. Be glad you got out early before you found out other things that would have creeped you about him. Homophobia is a symptom of a disease and that disease will show itself with machismo insecurities in how a man sees and relates to a woman, never fails.

    The thing is I could have hooked up with other bloggers with an interest in the spooky, but now I can't because those 3 jokers decided against it.

  6. I'm not kidding, they all suck except for one called pumpkinrot.com that I link to on my blog on day 10.

  7. I'll check pumpkinrot.com, it sounds cool. And you are right on all counts, I'm glad I ran for the hills on time, plus I met a wonderful cop who doesn't care who puts what body parts where as long as he is the only one putting body parts in me ;)


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