26 June 2009

Senestra Fair

Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson decided to croak on Russ's special day, how fucked is that?! It took all the attention away from him. I told him his next birthday watch it be Jaclyn Smith and Tito Jackson. Happy Birthday Tim. Love you man! Your uncle Russ can't play favorites, but I can. You two brother suck cookies when they aren't bumping into stupid walls

Russ and I went for Thai and had a quiet night. By the way, the song "Nothing Compares To You" has special meaning to Russ and I that involved friendship before love, cold nights/bright lights Malibu beach, and long drives through Topanga Canyon with that song. One night we where walking on the beach and we saw this giant seal (I thought it was a sea monster, I always think it's sea monsters) and he flopped away back into the ocean when he saw us, It was my birthday then.

I'm writing this in a dark room hearing Russ snore. He might wake up from another bad dream tonight, he's been having them alot lately, but I'll be there when he calls me, I'll lay next to him til he wants to go back to sleep, but I have a feeling tonight will be a quiet night, watching late night T.V. hearing Russ snore.

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