16 June 2009


I grew up in Burbank, a suburb of the San Fernando Valley. The "Valley" hit the world's radar with Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl" and with the movie of the same name in the 80's (you see a helicopter shot going over the Hollywood sign into the San Fernando Valley via Burbank in the opening credits) and yes my sister's friends did talk like that, it wasn't strange to US. My city was a middle-classed city with abandoned buildings and railroad tracks going nowhere (the Lockheed Corporation, the once life blood of the city during the war, Burbank's heyday, had moved away leaving only toxic waste under the sidewalks and airplane rivets in the sidewalk cracks), nothing like you see now with the development that started in the 90's after the city's bluebloods died off and development began over their dead bodies. This once ghost town was the butt of jokes for 60's sitcom "Laugh In" with the announcer starting the show saying; "From Beautiful Downtown Burbank!" Burbank was the drop off point before you went somewhere else. It used to be a "Sundown Town," meaning if you were a black man, your ass had to be out of the city limits before the sun went down or the Burbank cops would be nice enough to do it for you. You can always find Burbank's finest giving tickets to teen skateboarders, street spitters, if you stare at them too long or if you drive a jalopy. Our Police answer to no one because Burbank is it's own city so they don't have to answer to a greater Los Angeles Police Oversite Committee who stop the abuses under the badge and that gives them the free pass to abuse their power, and they do in glorious technicolor, but like it or not, it was my smog in a mountain surrounded punchbowl home. I always wanted some kind of mystery associated with the place growing up, even neighboring sister cities Glendale and Pasadena had haunted houses of some fame, but Burbank had the the last laugh on me, because even though I moved away years ago, Burbank still haunts me.


  1. I lived in Burbank with an...asshole boyfriend for a while.

    PORTO'S yummm.

  2. People sure do love those Cuban Sammiches and potato balls, it's always packed.

  3. This is a good post


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