02 June 2009


Hotlix candy store owner Larry Peterman thinks he’s so cute stuffing lollipops with scorpions and rolling candy apples in the meal worms scorpions would eat, but never on a candy apple. The more legs it has the more this guy pictures it on a cracker. The mantra of eating insects is how much protein they have. I don’t recall ever hearing about someone passing out because they were short on protein. Semen is almost pure protein, but you don’t see me swallo…oh…wait.

Only in spoiled, industrialized, countries would slaves to the “new thing” jump on the bug eating wagon. Try feeding a cockroach to a 3rd world tribe living in a rain puddle and they’ll tell you with a series of vocal clicks to go fuck yourself before they cooked you because of your high protein content (they’ll say you’re worth a year of bug eating).

I personally want to stuff mosquitoes with cream cheese and serve them at summer BQQ’s to give the little fuckers a taste of their own medicine, but I don’t have a little candy store selling ant brownies or grub gumdrops to do it from.

(I know, I know. In my last post I said I wanted to try scorpion, but I'm an hypocritical idiot, what do you expect?)


  1. That's insane. Don't think i'd ever be game enough to try one...

  2. "Typhoon" in LA has an insect menu:


  3. It sucks how you can't link from the blogger comments section.

  4. Wonder if anything over here has an insect menu! I thought it was funny how they had a separate list for Amphibians too... nothing quite like variety i guess


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