11 May 2009

My pizza Joe

Trader Joe's has these pre-made pizza doughs so you can put your own toppings, I went to town baby! Pecans, celery salt, Gorgonzola, Swiss cheese, Alfredo sauce instead of pizza sauce, oregano, prosciutto ham, I even tried to work off a piece of the refrigerator for a topping. Somehow all the flavors blended and it worked. My other food experiments required a spell to get rid of. Russ insisted on making his own pizza because he either thought mine would taste weird or it would snap at his fingers if he came near it. His was tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. My pizza gave you tingles in your private parts, his was like the old movies he likes to watch, black and white and boring to the point of wanting to spit. Of course Russ could say my pizza was like the horror movies I can't get enough of, heavy on the cheese, hammy, and "Disturbing To Most Viewers."


I eat your comments with jam and butter.