18 May 2009


  1. ok, this music is way better! it made me smile! but i am fully fucking retarded and cannot figure out how to turn off the other music that is playing, so the two are playing simultaneously. what a mix. ahahahahahha!!!

    and thank you for the offer to rig my contest. you crack me up. ahahhahahahah. i'll call in that favor some day if the bet is REALLY big and it looks like i am going to lose. this bet is tiny, and i'll take my lumps if i lose like a good girl.

    btw, i am crazy for you. ahahhahahahaha.

  2. On the right of my blog you'll see a feature called "zombienationfm.com" (it's right under the speeding car). Almost to the bottom of it you will see a little blue lever you can pull back to the far left with your mouse that turns down the volume. I'm thinking of taking the thing off if this keeps up.

    I'll load dice, count cards, just give me the word when the stakes are high.

    You know I'm plum loco for you too drolldoll.

  3. That's it! I'm taking the fucking thing off.

  4. I'm thnking of making an asshole bf at home. It sounds delish.

    considering this is the first time I dont have an actual asshole boyfriend to come home to, seems like a good idea, right?

  5. OH and Drollgirl and I were talking about online dating because I'm single and ready to mingle...and I was wondering if I can use "seeking an asshole boyfriend" as my headline...or is is trademarked?

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