27 April 2009

all biff patties

I think I went overload with the man meat pics on my blog, but what else am I suppose to put over there? Pictures of sports coats or my hairy legs?

I don't see the point of eating an apple or a banana by itself. All that cow-like chewing for something that won't even fill you up. Who sits at a table eating an apple staring into space? If your eating a banana (why don't I feel the same if you were eating a slice of banana cream pie?) while I'm talking to you, I'd say; "You couldn't wait until I left to eat that? Why don't you go take a nap while your at it? I'll just keep talking."


  1. my boss was just eating an apple by my desk. CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEW SWALLOW TALK WITH MOUTH OPEN CHEW CHEW CHEW SPUTTER TALK WITH MOUTH OPEN. absolutely revolting. i hate when i can hear the entire digestive tract in action. vile.

    i am in a mood. please forgive. and i hope all is well with YOU and your hairy legs. :)

  2. Lets never apologise to each other. I'm bound to say somthing to piss you or someone else off and I hate apologising.
    By the way, if anyone gets stung by my sometime asshole sarcasm, it means I feel comfortable enought with you to think you won't get all bent out of shape.

  3. I skimmed off some of the pics, now they're just masturbation fodder.

  4. hey BABY! thank you for your comments. you are too cool and OF COURSE your family loves you! you are just fab. :)

    i have had 2 shots and a beer, hence the mushiness. but nevertheless, you ARE fab. :O

  5. I beat you with 3 martinis at a restaurant and drinks at home. Your a cool chic drolldoll, and thanks for giving me the time of day.


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