14 January 2009

Best Buy Electronic Store, Burbank, CA.

I received a questionnaire from Best Buy that asked me:

"Why do you make some purchases online and others in-store? What ultimately prompts you to go in-store?

I replied:

"All my purchases on-line from Best Buy would come covered in what I can only call, in technical terms, "man juice" and packed with old telephone books instead of the standard shipping bubble wrap or styrofoam. I stopped going in-store after an employee offered me a free Apple iPod nano 16 GB Orange and Kit Kat bars If I let him jerk me off behind Electronics.

P.S. I have nothing but good to say about my new Apple iPod nano 16 GB Orange.


  1. You are absolutely kickass. I'll get you a McGriddle anytime.. as for the handjob - I would have offered a blowjob in home theatre. lol - keep up the mental expression... you're the man. :D


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