27 January 2009

5 books I would want if I were stranded on an island:

1. "Talking to your Hallucination" by Ben Abbott.

2. "101 Papaya Hors d' Oeuvres" by Jen Reese.

3. "An Illustrated Guide to Giving Yourself a Blow Job" by Marcus Chanin.

4. "Hammock Building for Dummies" by Charles Seiter.

5. "The Oyster Whisperer" by Nicholas Evans.


  1. ahahahahah #3. ahahahah and #4. brilliant.

  2. I know that Charles Seiter guy does those "...for Dummies" books and Nicholas Evans did "The Horse Whisperer." ; )

  3. RE #2: wouldn't it suck if your island was full of coconuts and mangos, but no papayas?

  4. I like kiwis (the fruit, not New Zealanders) so I'm hoping my desert island is south of the equator.


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