31 October 2014

Russ and I decided we are going to just give out candy this year to all the kiddies before we sedate them with methohexitol and sell them to kiddie porn rings and watch late night horror movies (we live in Palmdale now, it's not like there are Halloween shabangs in this town and DUI checkpoints are not our travel friends). I was thinking of hiding behind bushes and scaring them as they come up to the door, but I don't want kids screaming; "Why is that half naked man coming up and screaming at us daddy?!" Besides, what if one of them falls down trying to run away? I'm not risking the kiddie traffickers knocking off the price if we give them bruised merchandise, they already low ball us as it is.

I hope you all have a blast of a Halloween for those, my humble readers of my blog.

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