12 September 2014

Monsters Inc.

Is it me? Or is every other show about rednecks... hunting the spooky? The people of America can"t get enough hillbillies looking under bushes for cryptids. They are either looking for moonshine monsters ("Mountain Monsters") boggy monsters (Swamp Monsters"), cold monsters ("Alaska Monster") or hairsuite monsters ("Monster Hunters"). If his name is BoBo, chinga Lou or Cassey and he's chasing something that goes bump in the nite that in reality is a big rat or something that escaped from the circus when it came to town, it's a ratings hit. Make the hillbillies naked (ala the hit shows "Dating Naked" and "Naked and Afraid"), put some type of challange in, either a cook-off challange or something you can send down a runway, top it with someone being haunted, like a waitress in a backwoods greasy spoon when she finds all the salt caps are found unscrewed in the morning and Americans will jack off to it.

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