02 March 2014

My trip to the asian market...in Palmdale

I went to Palmdale's equivalent of Chinatown, a storefront Asian market/restaurant in a mini-mall with Christmas light hanging in the front and signs in the window saying you can buy purified water inside.

I bought the infamous Kewpie mayo ($3.99. goes for 15 bucks on Amazon), mud fish sauce that looks like fermented fingers in shit that was mixed with shit 2 years old (let these guys give you the sensation (10:15 mark) of it) and these little bitties that I use like I sprinkle commas in my paragraphs.

I miss MY Chinatown and it's starting to dawn on me that maybe Palmdale isn't the place for me. When I die I'd like to be in the middle of and smelling the electricity of the a metropolis called L.A. and not relegated to it's backwoods praying in the direction of Musso and Franks.

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