24 December 2013

It's Raining Many

If you've read even a part of this blog, you'd know that one of Russ and I's favorite presentimes is slumming it at scary dive bars. Now almost all these type of bars tend to have a jukebox that all the regular bar flys avoid like it was a glass of milk for some reason (Drunks hate the sobering effects of milk), since I don't like hearing people crying in their beer or telling the bartender their stories of whoa, within minutes of walking into the place I'm at the music machine playing songs to liven things up. What I find consistent is how many of these jukeboxes have queer-type songs that you wouldn't expect to find in these hard-core straight bars ("It's Raining Men" (The Weather Girls), "I Need A Man" (Eartha Kitt), Born This Way (Lady Gaga), etc). Call it a type of social experiment, but I got into the bad habit of playing these queer songs (along with my regular roster of Peggy Lee's "Is That All There Is" and Oasis's "Champagne Supernova") to see peoples reactions because I'm a real fucker.
What I found is people are really indifferent to what's being played 99% of the time, no reaction. From skid row bars to Palmdale pool halls no one looked at me funny, sideways or gave me a sour puss look. The most reactions I've received was playing Peggy Lee's song with people saying it's a good song and one saying; "Amen brother." Only one place had a problem with my music selection to the point I was told by the female bartender; "People are having a problem with the music you're playing"  (granted it was the 3rd remix I played (who knew there were so many versions?) Of Lady Gaga's tune) and it was at this honky-tonk. Ironically Burbank is the shit town I grew up in.

What does this tell me? Who knows or cares.

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