22 December 2013

cream cheese dreams in denim jeans

I said I would comment on my blog to someone who asked (with Russ's blessing of course).

Russ kicked his lawyer to the curb who was an "estate" lawyer and not the person we should have picked when it came to getting part of Russ's money, he wasted our time with these flaccid attempts because he wanted a cut of the money even though it must have been clear to him he was out of his league with this. Now we are dealing with a firm who's specialty is getting part of Russ's money. Carol (Russ's step mom) pulled her last trump card with what can only be called a criminal act with what we will contact the authorities with (buying people off in small towns so they can mess with public records is a federal offense you vindictive loon, so start sweating bullets saggycheeks).

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