13 November 2013

Getting back to balistics

I said I wouldn't comment on the money deal coming up with me because Russ's rotten kin, flotsam of the Earth, are monitoring my blog. Needless to say his stepmother did not take my advice and is doing somersaults with her twat in the air to keep the money from going foreward, I'm surprised her lawyers aren't going to anti-sodomy laws to prevent the money from going to us, her lawyers have tried every other legal maneuver and I wouldn't throw it past them. When we do get the money (time is running out on her end and so are her legal tricks), I'm afraid that hag will be waiting behind bushes to trip me as I'm going down the marriage isle with Russ, throwing Christmas ornaments down at us from a church balcony, putting Epsom salt on the Crudités at our reception...I have no clue how far this control freak will go to poo poo any happiness that comes our way.

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