08 October 2013

Strange Russia

From ermaktravel.com:

"Now we should start discussing this plausible theory from the point of view of the native Mansi population that lived near Dyatlov Pass for centuries. They believe in angry and somewhat violent human like animals known as menkvi that roam the mountains of the Ural. The legends claim that their behavior and aggression toward the humans is the reason why gods punished the World with a great flood I mentioned earlier. Very few menkvi survived on top of the mount Luv- Syakvur near Dyatlov Pass. Others drowned. These few creatures are left to walk in solitude across empty land. They die, but they are later reborn in the same shape and appearance. Interestingly enough Menkvi are reported as migratory creatures which is consistent with the testimony of Natives in North- west USA. Additionally menkvi are supposed to smell pretty badly. This is also consistent with some reports of a bigfoot. In fact it is called Skunk Ape in Florida and South Eastern part of United States for this unflattering feature. We should start exploring the possibility of an animal attack by stating that we are not the first to suggest this possibility. Several members of the search party in the Dyatlov Pass later remembered the state of shock that some of the native experienced once they found the bodies. Some of them believed that death of young Russian tourists in Dyatlov Pass might have been caused by a menkvi who killed several caribous or reindeer that belonged to a local Mansi herder just few weeks prior to the accident. Their bodies were left in place, but they too showed strange signs of internal damage. Mansi were somewhat uneasy about possibility to encounter once of these flesh eating monsters on Dyatlov Pass."

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