15 September 2013

Stars and Splinters in their Eyes

I've given my blessing kiss to the city of San Francisco, the land of my people, as the place or bust we'll move to when Russ get's his big money. I narrowed it down because the east coast, any of the east coast (to me ALL the 'east coast' is Florida and New York), is out of the question because I am neither a Cuban refugee, a retiree who's tanned like a brown paper bag, mafioso or Harvey Feinstein taking a bite out of the Big Apple (all of the middle of the United States is non-existent to me and I still wonder if it's really there like the planet "Saturn" or monster squids). Being an L.A. native is too much with everyone either in or wanting in the entertainment 'biz.' I'm tired of my waiter who's an actor, living next to the grip of the movie; "Moba: The Talking Indian," shopping for organic hemp honey at Trader Joes next to over-the-hill cougars who had bit movie parts in the 80's, people asking me to see their play in Encino shopping center acting studios above a kosher business and the slew of hanger-ons who try to pry themselves in any aspect of the entertainment industry of which are legion. I worked at Warner Bros and every single person I worked with were actors. They hated me because I would call in sick with what they knew were hangovers, but they didn't mind when they called in sick to go to Sprite soda auditions, dicks.

I just saw a docu about the Sunset Strip. Of course they said nothing about it's gay history (Did you know "Ciros" on the strip was the first nightclub to allow same-sex dancing when it was still illegal in Los Angeles?) and it if a documentary could lick an ass of a street? This one did (I always associated Sunset with long haired rockers who trashed hotel rooms when all the real action was down the street at Santa Monica Blvd. Even the group the "Doors" were based in Santa Monica. Jim used to go to breakfast every morning at Barney's Beanery while his office and recording studio were right next to each other, so I don't know why the film associates them with Sunset).

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