03 July 2013

tip otap

Did I tell you all we'll lunch here before I throw myself out the partition? We'll stay in Downtown L.A. until we get our marriage licence (I heard it takes 3 days to see the county clerk). The coke and man sex Bacchanal is an added bonus for however long it takes until our allotted time in downtown Los Angeles (see previous posts' jive turkeys). I don't think I'll continue this blog, why? For my own ego? No one comes to this place! Really think about it, who talks to an empty room? Fuck! *gets composure* But really, I have all these followers of my blog who either 'died' or went away. I don't think they realize the support they gave me, the shoulder they gave me, the love I got. One person I want to say something to. You got the Sacred Cow thing, no one else did, if they did, they sure didn't say shit. But you got a place in my heart along with 3 others who, lived in Palmdale who was so kind to grace me her presence with what was a big transition for me (forget about getting rubies if that's what you're expecting). A witchery in the east coast and Mexican senorita named Karina who I love.


  1. I will be sad to see you go :( but i get it, and I'm guilty of owning my very own empty room. I talk in an empty room, but since I've had a baby I find myself talking to no one ALL THE TIME. well if you are on any other social media I would love to stalk/ befriend you. congrats on the marriage!

  2. You are so sweet Shelley, you always have been. After this, I'm done with all social media. my e-mail is aholeboyfriend@gmail.com. Send me your address and that goes for Magaly and MQ (I have Karina on speed dial) and I'll send you guys some bon bons from this place: http://www.bottegalouie.com/main.html


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