25 July 2013

I see Lovie, and she's pissed

It occurred to me. I remember giving this blog address to Sandra (Russ's sister) years ago. She could be keeping tabs on Russ and I with this money deal from my blog, how else would Russ's kin know about the 1 mil advance to stop it? I give my blog address to people and I forget about it. Well hons, if that is the case Sandy and you're feeding this info from my blog to your beast step-mother, it's over. I'll never comment about this situation on my blog anymore you looky-loo mother fucker.

I've said all I've needed to say to you from our past little e-mail exchange Sandy, so you're not worth any more spit from me, but I would like to say a little something to your step mother, and I know you'll relay this back to her like what you did with your real mom.

That was a cute little maneuver with the delay sweetheart, but how long do you think it's going to stick? Your lawyers have no vested interest in this while Russ's lawyers are salivating over the money (as lawyers are wont to do) and will do every trick to get it. If you think this was going to get Russ to communicate with you, wrong move, If anything this just made him even more steadfast in having nothing to do with you, while you look desperate pulling tricks with his money, have some dignity. He never kowtowed to his dad so what makes you think he's going to demean himself with you? You're no spring chicken and you'll be kissing the dirt next to Bud pretty soon, so stop with the theatrics and give Russ the peace with the money he believes he deserves because of the Hell he went through with his family before then. What's amazing is both you dotes consider yourselves Christians when all you two have ever done is repel him with your un-Christ-like actions. All Sandy and Rick have ever done is use everyone in their orbit, you two are no exception. To prove my point, if they had a lover/husband/wife you and Bud had nothing to do with, you think either one would have nothing to do with you because of it? Russ did it out of love for me and out of respect for our relationship. Russ proved he's cut from a different cloth than his trash siblings who were biding their time to cash in with you two when death came knocking. It's an understatement Russ can't stand any of you and my influence on him stops with his family if you think I have anything to do with his emotions. E-mails and phone calls can be done in private and if you expect one from Russ, don't wait up.


  1. You can't know how much I loved this and your previous post.

    Family drama is delish.

    Can you post the whole sordid tale for us, your tens of readers?

    I'll post my dirty little secrets if you post Russ's.

  2. You mean my 2 readers? I've said all I need to say concerning this particular drama. I sleep with daddy's best friends (that should get you off for now).


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