03 June 2013

So we decided the first thing we'll do when we get the money is rent a room at the Biltmore (this 1st day is for Russ who's big on the historical aspect of the hotel), do a shit load of coke and pay straight guys to screw each other for money in front of us. The Biltmore by the way is infamous for being the last place the Black Dahlia was last seen. She was seen walking down the stairs to the lobby and disappeared into infamy. The 2nd day is mine and I want the Athletic Club to do what ever dastardly deeds I haven't thought up with yet.


  1. I would find a secluded paradisaical island and take a boat crammed with a fuckton of non-perishable goodies and pot to it after I'd built a simple but comfortable home and never be heard from again.

  2. I can see you now. Making a "fuckhole" out of banana leaves filled with squishy oysters in the sand, hallucinating starfish are reading you Bible verses and dying of scurvy in a few months. When a Russian fishing trolley discovers you they'll take turns fucking your corps.

  3. You mean corpse.

    If they were fucking my corps that would indicate there was enough of me to constitute a platoon of men.

    Which is crazy on a whole separate level given the description preceding that typo.

  4. Tomato, tomatoe, I'm just a girl and leave all my spelling to he-men.


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